We have never been short of good beer at Goyt Wines thanks to outstanding local breweries such as Wincle, Bollington & Red Willow. In recent times though, craft ale has become something of a national obsession! We currently sell an incredible range of over 200 specialist beers in bottles and cans.

The best craft ales are about innovation, and changing perceptions about beer in general. Torrside Brewing in New Mills are particularly well known for their edgy, experimental beers, and Cloudwater Brew Co. (Manchester) are rated the UK's best by many. They have changed the game nationally with 'hazy' or 'murky' IPAs very much a breakthrough style in 2017.

Increasingly we see higher alcohol, smaller portions and the use of fruitier, aromatic hops from the New World. However, many brewers keep a very traditional core range, and then experiment with limited releases where ingredients can include anything from fruit to seafood! Smoking and barrel-ageing can also have dramatic effects.

We will continue to seek out the best the UK has to offer in contemporary craft next year and beyond. Some of the great beers we already sell are displayed here for information. Please phone ahead for availability and first refusal on any limited stock.